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A Node.js Express server for the Parrot AR Drone 2.0. The server uses the node-ar-drone and ardrone-autonomy libraries to fly the drone with REST calls.


npm install node-server-ar-drone


Once the drone is turned on, it will send out WiFi signals like a router. Connect your device (laptop, desktop /w wireless WiFi transmitter, tablet or smart phone) to the drone via WiFi. Like a router, the drone uses the IP by default. Once connected, simply:

var NodeServerArDrone = require('node-server-ar-drone');
var nsArDrone = new NodeServerArDrone();

Start up your browser and go to http://localhost:1337. Control the drone by sending POST requests to your local node server:

  • http://localhost:1337/takeoff takes off the drone, starts hovering it for 5 seconds and then lands it.
  • http://localhost:1337/takeoffAndSpin takes off the drone, starts hovering it for 4 seconds, spins it clockwise and then lands it after 1 second.
  • http://localhost:1337/land lands the drone immediately.

We can also automate the flight path of the drone, by providing predefined x,y coordinates. You can do this by doing a call to http://localhost:1337/takeoffAndFly and then appending the call with the coordinates. Here is an example:

  • http://localhost:1337/takeoffAndFly?c=8,5&c=4,5 takes off the drone, flies it to x,y coordinates [8,5], [4,5] and then lands it.

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npm i node-server-ar-drone

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