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Seen API Wrapper

node-seen is a wrapper around the Seen API. Currently, the Access to the API is rescricted to white-listed IPs.


Run the following command in your apps directory: $ npm install node-seen --save


Require the seen api module in your app

var seen = require('node-seen');

Once the module is included, Api endpoints can be called in the following fashion:

var campaign = new seen.Campaign('1234');
campaign.on('campaign', function (campaign) {

The data returned from the endpoints event emitter will be a parsed JSON Object, ready to be consumed;

Endpoints included

Currently, the wrapper includes a wrapper around the following endpoints and will return a parsed JSON object:

  • Campaign, will retrieve a campaign and it's associated data;
  • Entries, will retrieve a campaigns entries, including instagram and twitter posting data
  • Entry, will retrieve a single entry

This module is a heavy a WIP, more endpoint wrappers will be added frequently. Please stay tuned.