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CLI for SimpleDB written in Node.js


To install the node module as a globally accessible executable:

npm install node-sdb -g


You'll need to create a configuration file at ~/.sdb (or any other location manually set) containing your AWS credentials.

// set the credentials (only once)
sdb --secret 23J35RIU4F9RE89W8WJ3EIO3KJK4545DS
// read
sdb read [options] [domain] > output.json


  • Read

Write & Delete actions may be supported in the future. Feel free to add them.

Note that these actions need to be enabled by the user's policy in AWS for the credentials you are using. Otherwise you'll just get an error response.



  • -c or --config : Set the location of the file that contains the credentials (required)
  • -k or --key : The key to authenticate each request (required)
  • -s or --secret : The secret to authenticate each request (required)
  • -r or --region : The SimpleDB region of the domain(s) (required)

These are the flags you can enter for other command


  • -a or --all : select all items on the domain (optional)
  • -i or --item : select one item by id
  • -f or --fields : pick only selected fields
  • -l or --limit : apply a limit to the returned items
  • -q or --query : set conditions for the returned items
  • -o or --order : select a field to order the results by


Created by Makis Tracend ( @tracend )

Distributed through

Released under the MIT license