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Require Directory

Simple. Recursively iterates over a directory and require all files, returning a nested hash structure of all files. Only requires CoffeeScript and JS files.

Hat tip to require-directory. I just needed something simpler.

npm install node-require-directory

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assert = require 'assert'
require_directory = require '../index'
example_directory = './test/example'
describe 'require-directory'->
    # This is the directory structure: 
    #   example/ 
    #     - 
    #     - 
    #     - nested/ 
    #       - 
    #       - 
    #       - triple 
    #         - 
    #         - 
  it 'should work'->
    dir = require_directory(example_directory)
        assert.equal dir.hello'world',
        assert.equal dir.hi'you',
        assert.equal dir.nested.bleep'boop'
        assert.equal dir.nested.triple.yeah'woo'
        assert.equal dir.nested.get'bloop'
        assert.equal dir.nested.triple.index'hello'
        assert.equal dir.nested.DS_Storeundefined
        assert.equal dir.nested.unknown_weird_fileundefined