node package manager



A node-red node that accesses devices on Exosite's Murano platform.

It uses the HTTP Data API to read, write, or watch aliases on a device.

Device config

The exosite nodes are configured to talk to a device instance inside Murano. This instance has a set of aliases that descibe the points where data can be read or wrote. Each device instance is defined by a product ID and serial number.

If node-red is running on a machine that also has Gateway Engine (GWE) installed, you can select 'GWE' to access the Gateway Engine's device instance.

If Gateway Message Queue (GMQ) is installed, you can select 'GMQ' to take advantage of the offline queueing features.

A device instance in Murano needs to be in the 'notactivated' state so that it can be activated by the exosite node-red node. This happens when you create a new device in Murano.