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Node-RED Nodes for IBM Watson

RedConnect Approved

A collection of nodes to be used with IBM Watson.

Watson nodes:

  • Language Identification
    • Detects the language used in text
  • Natural Language Classifier
    • Uses machine learning algorithms to return the top matching predefined classes for short text inputs.
  • Personality Insights
    • Use linguistic analytics to infer cognitive and social characteristics from text
  • Relationship Extraction
    • Extract entities and their relationships from unstructured text
  • Speech To Text
    • Convert audio containing speech to text
  • Language Translation
    • Translates text from one language to another
  • Text To Speech
    • Convert text to audio speech
  • Tradeoff Analytics
    • Optimize decisions balance between multiple conflicting objectives.
  • Visual Recognition
    • Analyze visual appearance of images to understand their contents


These nodes are a copy of the work here Bluemix Nodes. If you are using IBM Bluemix then it is best to use these nodes.


the Apache 2.0 license.