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Node Red Contrib Token Tracker

Integrate with many different cryptocurrency exchanges ( thanks to ccxt ) from within node-red

For flow examples checkout the flows here

API Access and Errors

In most cases the nodes provided here are just proxying to CCXT which in turn proxies to the Exchange API, if any errors are received they should be displayed in the node-red debug tab. Depending on the error consulting the specific Exchange's API documentation page or the ccxt wiki should probably be your first stop at debugging what the issue is.

About Security

When adding configs for an exchange you have the option to supply API credentials, some nodes require this and will be listed as Private below. If you don't supply credentials only public methods for the exchange are available for use, others will throw errors.

When adding credentials to an exchange the values you enter will be stored as node-red credentials meaning they will not be exported via export functionality, they should also be encrypted on the filesystem in a seperate file.

Included Nodes

The installed nodes have more detailed information in the node-red info pane shown when the node is selected. Below is a quick summary

Public API Nodes

Get Markets

Private API Nodes

Get Balance

Get Orders

Coming Soon...

To Implement: Public Methods

  • fetchTicker
  • fetchTickers
  • fetchOrderBook
  • fetchOHLCV
  • fetchTrades

To Implement: Private Methods

  • fetchMyTrades
  • createOrder
  • cancelOrder

To Enhance

  • Get Balance
    • Option to omit 0 balance, enabled by default
  • Get Orders
    • Option to give datetime from / to fields?
    • Option to allow orderId as input and call fetchOrder for that specific id?


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