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    Stop Timer for node-red

    Sends the msg through the first output after the set timer duration. If a new msg is received before the timer has ended, it will replace the existing msg and the timer will be restarted, unless the new msg has a payload of stop or STOP, in which case it will stop the timer. The second output allows you to send an additional payload of a number, string or boolean. If the timer is stopped, the second output will automatically send a payload of stopped.

    This is like the built in delay function of node-red, but with the ability to not only restart the timer, but to stop it as well.

    0.0.1 - Initial Release

    0.0.2 - Fixed an issue with using the timer in a repeating flow which caused it to either send an additional msg after being stopped, or, in some cases, not allowing a new msg to pass through after the node had been previously stopped.

    0.0.3 - update

    0.0.4 - Updated icon for less confusion with other nodes

    0.0.5 - As per request, I have included a second output. You can set the payload for the second output to a number, string or boolean, however, if the timer is stopped with an incoming msg, the second output will send the payload of "stopped".

    0.0.6 - Forgot to update the "info" panel instructions inside of node-red to include the new features.

    0.0.7 - Clarified the instructions with respect to the what happens to the existing message when a new message arrives.


    npm i node-red-contrib-stoptimer

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