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    RiveScript for NodeRED

    RedConnect Approved

    RiveScript is a simple scripting language for chatbots with a friendly, easy to learn syntax.

    A node to load a RiveScript and respond.


    npm install node-red-contrib-rivescript

    Quick Start

    Pass a dialog script into the node using msg.script such as

    // Learn stuff about our users.
    + my name is *
    - <set name=<formal>>Nice to meet you, <get name>.
    - <set name=<formal>><get name>, nice to meet you.
    + my name is <bot master>
    - <set name=<bot master>>That's my master's name too.
    + my name is <bot name>
    - <set name=<bot name>>What a coincidence! That's my name too!
    - <set name=<bot name>>That's my name too!
    + call me *
    - <set name=<formal>><get name>, I will call you that from now on.
    + i am * years old
    - <set age=<star>>A lot of people are <get age>, you're not alone.
    - <set age=<star>>Cool, I'm <bot age> myself.{weight=49}
    + i am a (@malenoun)
    - <set sex=male>Alright, you're a <star>.
    + i am a (@femalenoun)
    - <set sex=female>Alright, you're female.
    + i (am from|live in) *
    - <set location={formal}<star2>{/formal}>I've spoken to people from <get location> before.
    + my favorite * is *
    - <set fav<star1>=<star2>>Why is it your favorite?
    + i am single
    - <set status=single><set spouse=nobody>I am too.
    + i have a girlfriend
    - <set status=girlfriend>What's her name?
    + i have a boyfriend
    - <set status=boyfriend>What's his name?
    + *
    % whats her name
    - <set spouse=<formal>>That's a pretty name.
    + *
    % whats his name
    - <set spouse=<formal>>That's a cool name.
    + my (girlfriend|boyfriend)* name is *
    - <set spouse=<formal>>That's a nice name.
    + (what is my name|who am i|do you know my name|do you know who i am){weight=10}
    - Your name is <get name>.
    - You told me your name is <get name>.
    - Aren't you <get name>?
    + (how old am i|do you know how old i am|do you know my age){weight=10}
    - You are <get age> years old.
    - You're <get age>.
    + am i a (@malenoun) or a (@femalenoun){weight=10}
    - You're a <get sex>.
    + am i (@malenoun) or (@femalenoun){weight=10}
    - You're a <get sex>.
    + what is my favorite *{weight=10}
    - Your favorite <star> is <get fav<star>>
    + who is my (boyfriend|girlfriend|spouse){weight=10}
    - <get spouse>


    This node uses the rivescript node module


    npm i node-red-contrib-rivescript

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