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Raspihats Node-RED Nodes

A collection of Node-RED nodes for the Raspberry Pi add-on boards at raspihats. See below for a list.


Install globally:
npm install -g node-red-contrib-raspihats

or locally in your HOME directory:
cd $HOME/.node-red
npm install node-red-contrib-raspihats

Nodes Information

I2C-HAT DI(DigitalInput)

Node used to read a I2C-HAT Digital Input channel, generates a msg object with msg.payload that is true or false depending on the state of the Digital Input channel.

I2C-HAT DQ(DigitalOutput)

Node used to write a I2C-HAT Digital Output channel, expects a msg object with a msg.payload that is true or false and writes this to the Digital Output channel.

Copyright and license

Copyright 2016, 2016 Florin C. under the MIT license.