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A pair of Node-RED nodes for connecting to the PAASMER IoT Platform as a Device or Gateway.


Run the following command in the root directory of your Node-RED installation directory

npm install node-red-contrib-paasmer


  • Download certificates from the PAASMER platform, and store them in a directory on the device. e.g. /home/$user/paasmer-certs

  • Choose a clientId - e.g. 'clientid' and rename the certificates as shown below.

  • Choose paasmer in node from the palette, and choose device option, configure it. Name : => A meaningful name Client ID : => The clientId above used one for certificates renaming. Certs Path : => The path used to store the certificates. And choose Update, For Topic use PaasmerLoginEmail_DeviceName, and then connect it to a debug node.

  • Choose paasmer-config node from palette, and configure it Name : => A meaningful name Username : => Paasmer login email. Feeds : => Add your feeds. Device Name : => Your device name. Device Type : => Choose device type. Bluetooth Discover : => Yes or No. **Wifi Discover : **=> Yes or No. And click Done.

  • Connect paasmer-config output to paasmer out node from palette and input to Inject Node.

  • In paasmer out node choose the above created device and QoS : 0

  • Trigger inject Node at an interval.

  • Finally click Deploy Button, check your data in the PAASMER platform.


npm i node-red-contrib-paasmer

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