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Node Red Nordpool API

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A Node-Red Node for collecting "day ahead" prices from Nord Pool Group. For with more features and auto test of codebase.

This is a fork of the original node-red-contrib-nordpool-api, but with source code on github to make pull request possible and issue handling....

..Later that year: the original code is now uploaded here


Go to your Node-RED user folder (e.g. ~/.node-red) and run:

npm i node-red-contrib-nordpool-api-plus

This node uses the unofficial nordpool API found here.


The area and currency can be changed by selecting from the drop down menu in the properties, or by inputting the setting via a msg:


Use a inject node to trigger a request to nordpool, to get prices for today.

Its also possible to inject a to get price from a specific date, or pricing for tomorrow. accepts any value parsable with javascript new date(). If you request tomorrows data before 14:42 there's a risk that data is not available yet and you will get the data from the current date. See API issue#1

An 24 object long array is returned on success. The objects contains this properties: timestamp, price, currency and area.

Example get price of tomorrow:

Setup an inject node info a function node and then this node. Added this to the function node to get date of today and add 1 to it. = new Date() = + 1)
return msg;

Example with dashboard chart:

In Node-RED editor, click menu at top right corner -> Import -> Examples -> node-red-contrib-nordpool-api-plus -> basic-dashboard.

Use a function node to convert msg to values readable for dashboard chart node like this:

The function node in this example contains:

let msg1 = {}
for (var i = 0; i<msg.payload.length;i++){
    msg1 = {

This could be the displayed result in:

Example modify returned:

Send returned data into a function node with this content

for (let i of msg.payload) {
    i.timestamp = new Date(i.timestamp).toLocaleTimeString('DE') // Use DE format of time
    i.price = (i.price / 1000 * 1.25).toFixed(2) // Convert from MWh to kWh and add 20% tax
    node.send({ payload: { price: i.price, timestamp: i.timestamp } })

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