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    This module provides a set of nodes in Node-RED for Google smart home Action integration via NORA.

    In Testing

    In order to be able to link NORA to your Google Home, send me a PM on Node-RED Forum with the gmail address you use with your Google Home and I will add it to the "Testers" list.

    Publicly available and free of charge. If a very big number of active users is exceeded (more than 2K...) I may need to charge or block access. Also, if you like NORA and find it useful or you simply want to support the development and adding new features, consider donating using Paypal Me.

    Supported nodes with devices/traits:

    Type Traits
    light on/off, [brightness], [color]
    outlet on/off
    scene scene
    speaker on/off, volume
    switch on/off
    thermostat thermostat
    blinds open/close
    garage open/close


    For feedback, you can join the Node-RED topic opened for this project on the Node-RED forum: Node-RED google home integration


    Node-RED (These steps need to happen only once)

    1. Open your node-red instance and install node-red-contrib-nora. You can do this by clicking the hamburger menu in the top-right corner and select Manage palette, select Install, type node-red-contrib-nora and click the install button.
    1. After installation is complete a new set of nodes shoud appear under nora category

    Get the NORA service token (These steps need to happen only once)

    1. Go to NORA homepage
    2. Login with your Google or Github account
    3. Copy the generated token in your clipboard to be later used in Node-RED.

    Create/Adapt a Node-RED flow

    1. Create a new flow (or open the existing one you want to use) and add the NORA nodes you plan to use. Each NORA node will correspond to a Google Home device. In this case we are going to use a light node.
    1. Edit the light node. Add a new nora-config (configs can be reused between multiple nora devices) in which you need to paste the token copied from the NORA homepage. The Group is used if you want to use multiple connections to the same NORA account (if you use multiple Node-RED instances).
    1. Deploy your flow

    Link to Google Home (These steps need to happen only once)

    Once you have at least one NORA device you can link your Google Home to NORA

    1. Open your Google Home and click Add
    1. In the Add and manage screen, select Set up device.
    1. Select Have something already set up?
    1. Select NORA (in this image it's already linked) and login again with the Google/Github account you used when logging in to the NORA homepage.

    The devices setup in Node-RED will sync with your Google Home and now you are able to control them via voice/routines/etc.



    npm i node-red-contrib-nora

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