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    Neopixel display and visualization node for node-red

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    This package provides animated visualizations for a squared neopixel matrix to be used as a display. It is developed to be used with the node-red-node-pi-neopixel package.


    The package was tested on a Raspberry Pi Zero W and Node-Red v1.1.3.


    If you find any bugs or want to request a feature, please open an issue.

    Supported visualization and functionality

    This library supports rectangular LED Matrices (Neopixel or WS2812), multiple Matrices can be connected in row to increase the width of the display.


    The neopixel display node consumes a message with payload and produces a message that will be handled by an rpi neopixel node. The payload type depends on what visualization is used.

    Node configuration

    A simple visualization could be configured like following:


    The configured options for Visualization type, Background color and Foreground color can be overwritten in the message. Available options are:

    Option Message property Available values
    Visualization type visualizationType bars, line, text
    Background color backgroundColor color *
    Foreground color foregroundColor color *

    * A color is represented as an array in RGB format. Example: [255, 0, 0] for red, [0, 255, 0] for green.

    Example overwriting visualization options with a function node

    return {
        visualizationType: 'bars',
        payload: [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7],
        backgroundColor: [255, 0, 0],
        foregroundColor: [0, 255, 0],

    Bar chart

    A bar chart requires an array of integer numbers as the payload. Each value of the array represents the height of the bar at the corresponding position.

    Payload type: number[]


    return {
        payload: [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7],

    Line / Progress bar

    A progress bar will fill the display vertically and display a horizontal bar of the given length in dots.

    Payload type: number


    return {
        payload: 6,


    The text will be displayed in a single line and there are currently several limitations. Only english characters are supported and each character takes 3 columns and 5 rows with one column between characters. A single 8x8 matrix can display 2 characters. Connecting 3 x 8x8 panels in a row increases the maximum displayed characters to 6.

    Payload type: string

    Additional options:

    • offset: [number, number]: offset in x, y coordinates starting at top left corner of the display
    return {
        payload: "OK",
        offset: [1, 1],


    npm i node-red-contrib-neopixel-display

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