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    A collection for monitoring and controlling all aspects of a Musiccast network. This collection can also operate compatible Yamaha equipment in a non-Musiccast environment.

    General Concept

    This collection is designed to make control of a Musiccast system and other Yamaha AV devices simple and straightforward. It was intended to be used without the need for complex technologies such as UPNP and DLNA* and focus purely on controlling compatible Yamaha devices using the dedicated API.

    As there is no automatic event monitoring or handling, changes and current state of a Musiccast network is obtained via regularly scheduled polling of the relevant devices. Basic examples of polling and control of playback and mute state is included with this collection.

    *While this collection does not directly connect to or control DLNA sources, the Musiccast devices do and will operate as expected.

    Quick Start

    1. Install the package using "Manage palette" on the hamburger icon at top right.
    2. Again using the hamburger icon, select [Import] then [Examples]. Expand the [node-red-contrib-musiccast] entry. Select [Toggling States] and click [Import].
    3. Click [Deploy].
    4. There will now be a demonstration flow on your palette showing basics of polling and controlling a system.

    Release Notes

    The following changes were made for this version:

    • Fixed an issue where inputs where not being translated to input base type correctly (netusb, tuner, etc.).
    • Fixed an issue where zones were not translating for inbound messages.
    • Fixed an issue where devices were not translating for inbound messages.
    • Added "getServiceInfo" and "switchAccount" commands to the [Input] node.
    • Added command "sendIrCode" to send custom IR codes to the [Device] node. Not sure why. ;)

    Known issues:

    • Changes to devices or zones in the Musiccast Configuration will not show in the configuration dialogs of other nodes until the configuration is deployed.

    Additional Resources

    Basic contextual help is available in Node-RED itself. Links to official Yamaha API documents can be found there as well.

    Note on compatibility: I only have the Yamaha YXC-50 network streamer and Aventage RX-A2070 receiver models to work with so there is a limit in testing that can be performed. Additionally, Tidal and a local Twonky DLNA server are the only network sources that I use so testing is a bit limited there as well. Feel free to share any negative experience with functionality that arise and I may be able to address it.


    Created by: Vahdettin

    Copyright and license

    Copyright Vahdettin under the Apache 2.0 license.


    npm i node-red-contrib-musiccast

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