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Simple KNX client node for home automation supporting KNX.


Inside your node-red directory, install the NPM node-red-contrib-knxip package.

npm install node-red-contrib-knxip

knx-gateway node

You need to define at least one KNX Gateway. The KNX Gateway is your home component providing access to your KNX network via IP protocol. A single KNX Gateway can be used for multiple KNX Object.

KNX node

Each KNX node is associated with a previously configured knx-gateway node. Your KNX node represent one object (lamp, heater, blind, ...) of your knx network. To identify the object to monitor or control, specify its knx group id. A KNX Object type is also required to properly parse the received data from KNX gateway and to correctly format control messages.

Input Pin

The input pin of the node takes different type of message payloads. Each object type will have its own format. For example, a lamp or binary controller, takes a number 0 or 1

Output Pin

The data format of the output pin can be configured:

  • plain: msg.payload contains the plain value from the Ember+ object
  • contents: msg.payload.contents contains the contents Ember+ object from the underlying node-emberplus client
  • full: msg.payload.full contains the full Ember+ object from the underlying node-emberplus (including the device path)
  • json: msg.payload contains a JSON object representing the ember element.

To Be Done


npm i node-red-contrib-knxip

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