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    npm install node-red-contrib-ide-iot


    node-red-contrib-ide-iot is a Node-RED based module that allows the creation of IoT applications graphically in a simple and efficient way. It uses the OM2M platform ( as a middleware that provides high level interoperability between the different heterogeneous objects connected to this platform.

    This IDE consists of:

    1- A sub-module for the creation of the different OM2M resources:

    • Application: for creating an Application resource.
    • Container: for the creation of a Container resource under a given AE. This Container is destined to store ContentInstances.
    • ContentInstance: to create instances that describe the application and all possible operations on it, or data instances of the application.
    • Subscription: to subscribe to a given resource and establish the destination of the notifications when a change on the resource occurs.
    • SemanticDescriptor: to create a semantic descriptor that describes the application.

    2- A sensor sub-module for data recovery:

    • NamedSensor: for data recovery using the exact name of the sensor.
    • LabeledSensor: for data recovery using the labels that describe this sensor for example: Category/temperature Location/home.
    • SemanticSensor: for data recovery via a SPARQL query.

    3- An actuator sub-module for controlling a device:

    • NamedActuator: to order a device named by name.
    • LabeledActuator: to control a device designated by a set of labels.
    • SemanticActuator: to control a device via a simple SPARQL query.

    4- A notification sub-module:

    • NotificationsHandler node: implements an HTTP server that allows the user to receive notifications when a change occurs in an OM2M resource to which it subscribed via the Subscription node. It also allows him to retrieve the new state of this resource after the update.

    5- A sub-module data processing:

    • DataExtrator: to extract the payload data from a data instance received from a sensor node or a given notification.
    • SimpleCondition: to apply simple conditions on the extracted useful data.

    Set of node-red nodes to create IoT/M2M applications on top of OM2M platform.


    This code is Open Source under an Apache 2 License.
    Copyright 2015 the Apache 2.0 license.

    Note : for more information please visit ( or )


    npm i node-red-contrib-ide-iot

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