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    A set of icmp tools for Node-Red

    Node usage:

    icmp listen:

    Node for listening of the icmp packets

      msg.icmp.received: outputs number of received bytes
      msg.icmp.source: outputs the address of the device that sent the packet
      msg.icmp.time: outputs the time the packet was received
      msg.icmp.message: outputs the message
      msg.icmp.received: outputs true

    icmp send:

    Node for sending icmp message

    msg.address will override the Address field in the node setting!

    msg.payload can contain a message to send to the address

    Address or msg.address can be a domain!

      msg.icmp.address: outputs the address that was sent to.
      msg.icmp.message: outputs the message that was sent.
      msg.icmp.time: outputs the time the packet was received
      msg.icmp.ipv: outputs the type of address that was sent to.
      msg.icmp.sent: outputs true


    While testing i noticed a behaviour that i completly forgot that could happen.

    When i ping localhost , the listen nodes receives two pings back with completly same output.

    I belive because the second message is the response that device sends back to the ping.Needs option to pass only one message.

    When pinging other device inside my network there is the expected response back.


    Who wants to contribute to this project please check out the issues tab. If anyone wants to reach me to discuss about the project please email me at


    npm i node-red-contrib-icmp

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