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    replaced by node-red-google-notify.

    This node is forked from: node-red-contrib-google-home-notify

    What it does:

    Send any string up to 200 Characters (API limitation) to your Google Home (or Chromecast) and it will happily respond. Great for telling us about finished Home Automation tasks.

    How it works:

    Text Notification

    Hook up an Inject-Node to the Input channel and send a simple text phrase. This node will send the text to the google translation API which returns an MP3 file which then gets casted to your chosen Google device.

    The volume level for the notification can be set with msg.emitVolume having a value expressed in percentage 0-100.

    Play MP3

    If the input text is an mp3 url start with http and end up with .mp3, Google device can directly play it. You can host some mp3 files on your own server. For example.


    To install:

    Install node-red.

    Install this package with "npm install node-red-contrib-google-home-notify-volume-adjustable --save" in ~./node-red or via the Palette Manager in node-red.

    If everything was successfull you should see a new node in the output category in node-red after a restart.

    You can adress your Google Home by specifying its IP address and choose a language (Default is English).

    Node-red Flows

    Visit example subfolder (coming soon)


    npm i node-red-contrib-google-home-notify-volume-adjustable

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