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    Simple Ember+ client node for broadcast automation (LAWO, DHD, etc.). Ember+ is open source and implemented in hard- and software products. More information can be found here: Ember+ control protocol

    emberplus-server node

    First of all there is at least one emberplus-server node to be configured. Simply set an IP address and a port (usually 9000). It is possible to add several emberplus-server nodes for different targets (for example all your audio mixers).

    emberplus node

    Each emberplus node is associated with a previously configured emberplus-server node. Further an object path can be selected if the node should subscribe a specific object in the Ember+ tree. If you don't know the path, click on the looking glass symbol on the right.

    Input Pin

    The input pin of the node takes two types of message payloads:

    • msg.payload takes the plain value to be set to the specified path. Example:
    • msg.payload contains path and value to the specified node. Example:

    Output Pin

    The data format of the output pin can be configured:

    • plain: msg.payload contains the plain value from the Ember+ object
    • contents: msg.payload.contents contains the contents Ember+ object from the underlying node-emberplus client
    • full: msg.payload.full contains the full Ember+ object from the underlying node-emberplus (including the device path)

    If needed the inital state may be sent by clicking a corresponding checkbox.

    To Be Done

    • Invoking functions
    • Setting matrix connections
    • Ember+ server


    npm i node-red-contrib-emberplus

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