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Node-Red node contrib node to send emails with output using nodemailer.

This node is based on node-red-nodes-email and lambda-mailer


Run the following command in the root directory of your Node-RED install

npm install --save node-red-contrib-email-out

Common mail properties

Property Method Example
to [ { "address": "", "name": "Receiver" } ]
from msg.from [ { "address": "", "name": "Sender" } ]
subject msg.subject Hello world!
text+html msg.body How are you today?
html msg.html How are you today?
text msg.text How are you today?
attachments msg.attachments[] *** see attachments object properties ***
number of attachments msg.attachments.length 4

All mail properties

  • headers - unprocessed headers in the form of - {key: value} - if there were multiple fields with the same key then the value is an array
  • from - an array of parsed From addresses - [{address:'',name:'Sender Name'}] (should be only one though)
  • to - an array of parsed To addresses
  • cc - an array of parsed Cc addresses
  • bcc - an array of parsed 'Bcc' addresses
  • subject - the subject line
  • references - an array of reference message id values (not set if no reference values present)
  • inReplyTo - an array of In-Reply-To message id values (not set if no in-reply-to values present)
  • priority - priority of the e-mail, always one of the following: normal (default), high, low
  • body - if provided, override text and html fields
  • text - text body
  • html - html body
  • date - date field as a Date() object. If date could not be resolved or is not found this field is not set. Check the original date string from
  • attachments - an array of attachments

Attachments properties

attachments = [{
    contentType: 'image/png',
    fileName: 'image.png',
    contentDisposition: 'attachment',
    contentId: '5.1321281380971@localhost',
    transferEncoding: 'base64',
    length: 126,
    generatedFileName: 'image.png',
    checksum: 'e4cef4c6e26037bcf8166905207ea09b',
    content: <Buffer ...>


alt tag alt tag


  • add templates from lambda-mailer


Alessandro Holanda