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dsfnode is a set of nodes which enable Node-Red to interface with the Duet Software Framework (v3.3+) running on an SBC, or a network enabled Duet v2/3 (or compatible) control board running v3.3+ RepRap firmware.

The RepRap firmware labels anything operated by itself a 'Machine', and constructs a Object Model representing the current state of the entire Machine and its associated components. A network enabled Duet control board, or DSF running on an SBC, can output the Object Model to a client via a web-socket or rest api. dsfnode enables the connection and provides a set of nodes to use the Object Model in Node-Red. The Object Model is a JSON object representing the current state of the Machine which is constantly updated by DSF and passed to the connected web-socket client.

dsfnode has 5 nodes:

  • dsf-connector (control node) : Stores the mode & connection details enabling the web-socket connection to the DSF or a network enabled Duet control board.
  • dsf-monitor: Creates the web-socket connection to DSF/Duet and processes the Machine Model updates.
  • dsf-event : Parses the updated Machine Model for a specified object value change, and triggers when a match if found.
  • dsf-intercept: Watches for specially formatted messages embedded within running g-code to trigger events within Node_Red.
  • dsf-command: Send a g-code or m-code command to DSF for action.

Please refer to the NodeDSF wiki on github for detailed instructions on usage, and example flows.

Note: Duet control boards have connection/session limitations, and dsfnode consumes at least one of the available sessions. Please refer to the NodeDSF wiki on github for more information. When operating in Duet mode it is not recommended to have the DWC web interface open on the same computer running dsfnode/node-red. The Duet mode currently delivers a subset of the full Object Model to reduce load on the control boards. If there is data that is missing please raise an issue and I will see if it can be added.

Change Log
V1.1.11 - Updated for RepRap Firmware version 3.5+ compatability.
V1.1.10 - Updated to NodeRed V3+. Fixed buggy Intercept Node, and messaging system. M118 and other console messages will now be found in state.consoleMessage. M117 message text will remain in state.displayMessage.
V1.1.9 - Improved Msg Handling in Duet mode.
V1.1.8 - Added status indicators to monitor node.
V1.1.7 - Better recovery handling for emergency stop situations and power failures. Further changes to M118 & M291 handling, General Bug Fixes.
V1.1.6 - For Node-Red V2+ & Tested on RepRapFirmware 3.4RC1. Changes to the way M118 & M291 are handled. General Bug Fixes.
V1.1.5 - Improved communication in Duet mode which should resolved rare issue where board could crash or fail to respond, plus fixed node not stopping on deploy when active.
V1.1.4 - Fixed issue with M117/M118 Messages not being included in the model when in Duet Mode
V1.1.3 - Added Global Variables to the Monitor Node
V1.1.2 - Added support for password protected connections (Note: passwords are in clear text as per Duet spec) & improved error handling.
V1.1 - Add Duet mode to enable connection to network enabled control boards not running with DSF on SBC
V1 - Initial Release

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