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    Node-Red deCONZ

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    Node-Red Nodes for deCONZ connectivity.

    The new 2.0 version is out

    Hi it's @Zehir here, I worked hard for months on a complete rework of this plugin. There is a ton of new features, it's will be easier to do stuff on node-red. If you have any issue with this beta version, feel free to open issues on GitHub.

    This new version requires Node-Red version 1.2.9 or newer.

    Some new features (Changelog):

    • Multiple device selection.
    • Select device using queries.
    • Multiple commands at once.
    • Query multiple devices and merge the result.

    Migrate from 1.3.4

    Make sure you backup your flow before updating, you will not be able to downgrade if the configuration is migrated.

    Everything should be seamless, all your configuration will be migrated with the new save format. It's will save the updated configuration only when you open the node configuration and click Deploy. If you don't do it the node will migrate the configuration on each start of Node-Red. Check the Node-Red log if you have any errors that showes up. If you have any issues you can come on the Deconz-Community Discord server or open an issue on Github.

    Available nodes

    • deconz-in: A node to subscribe to deCONZ events.
    • deconz-get: get state of device or group.
    • deconz-out: send actions or data to device or group.
    • deconz-battery: get battery status of device
    • deconz-event: get all deconz events

    Flow sample Server setup Get node Out node

    Home Assistant

    Do not forget to open ports if you are using Node-Red from outside Home Assistant containers : HA setup

    Legacy version

    The last version of the "legacy" version will be 1.3.4. This version was originally created by @Andreypopov, he mentioned that he stopped development. Dennis the Community Manager of deCONZ asked him to transfer the repository so we can advance on it later. Please bear with us.


    npm i node-red-contrib-deconz

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