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A Node-RED node to read and write to a Db2 for i database from Node-RED on IBM i.


Run the following command in your Node-RED user directory - typically ~/.node-red

npm install node-red-contrib-db2-for-i


  1. install Node.js on IBM i (version 10 and later).

  2. install the DB2 for i native driver for Node.js idb-connector .

As a NPM dependency, this driver should be automatically installed when installing the Db2 for i node package. If not the case, please install it manually using the command below:

   npm install idb-connector

NB: This node has to run on Node.js / Node-RED on IBM i (Native driver). For accessing IBM i from Node-RED running outside IBM i, the alternative is to use this ODBC node.


Allows basic access to a Db2 for i database. Supported queries: SQL SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE.

  • msg.payload must hold the query for the database
  • the result is returned in msg.payload.

2 modes for the returned payload :

  • one row per result message (Default): For processing a row at a time in a Node-RED flow.
  • Standard "Single Array Mode" (Recommended): result payload is an array containing all the result rows.

If nothing is found then null is returned.


Usage Details

Input: msg.payload = SQL Query injected (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE)

Input (OPTIONAL since v0.0.8): The msg.database payload for injecting the connection name (ex: Connection1) which has to exist as a DB2 for i config node. The associated DB2 config node name is used as a connection name for connection reuse within a Node-RED flow. Useful for dynamic connection selection (Named Connection Pool like)

Db2 Config Node: Enter the connection name (ex Connection1), database name(ex dbname = *LOCAL), optional (since version 0.0.8): your credentials (user profile and password). If no user password specified, use the current user profile.

Output Result in msg.payload.

The returned payload will be an array (JSON Array) containing the result rows (array mode) or one message payload (JSON object) per row (default mode).

If nothing is found then null is returned.

Node-RED on IBM i Quick Start Guide

1) Install Node-red Prerequisites on IBM i

This section does not replace official documentations. Please refer to this article on IBM Developer. Note also that Node-RED can be installed in a Chroot (IFS Jail) for better isolation.

bash-5.1$ yum install nodejs16.ppc64
bash-5.1$ yum install gcc

2) Install Node-red – GLOBAL (aka System-wide)

bash-5.1$ npm install -g node-red

bash-5.1$ npm list --location=global
├── corepack@0.10.0
├── node-red@3.0.2
└── npm@8.11.0

3) Install node-red Db2 for i package (LOCAL, in ~/.node-red)

cd $HOME/.node-red
npm i idb-connector
npm install node-red-contrib-db2-for-i

Note : idb-connector is normally installed when installing the db2 node

bash-5.1$ npm list
node-red-project@0.0.1 /home/<USER>/.node-red
├── idb-connector@1.2.16
└── node-red-contrib-db2-for-i@0.2.1

4) Start Node-red

bash-5.1$ cd /QOpenSys/pkgs/lib/nodejs16/lib/node_modules/node-red/
bash-5.1$ node  red.js 

5) Optional – Run Node-red as a background process

bash-5.1$ ln -s /QOpenSys/pkgs/lib/nodejs16/lib/node_modules/node-red/bin/node-red-pi /usr/bin/node-red 
bash-5.1$ node-red 
bash-5.1$ system "SBMJOB CMD(QSH CMD('node-red')) JOB(NODERED)"
CPC1221: Job 059446/<USER>/NODERED submitted to job queue QBATCH in library QGPL.

Install the DB2 for i node on older IBM i versions (Node version<=6, 5733OPS)

You need to install version 0.1.4 of this package using the following command:

npm install node-red-contrib-db2-for-i@0.1.4

In that case, 5733OPS has to be installed with appropriate options for Node.js v6 and Db2 for i driver located in the default directory: /QOpenSys/QIBM/ProdData/OPS/Node6/os400/db2i/lib/db2a

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