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A Node-RED node to take photos on a Raspberry Pi. This node will only work on an Raspberry Pi with a Raspberry Pi Camera enabled.


Run the following command in the root directory of your Node-RED install or home directory (usually ~/.node-red) and will also install needed libraries.

    npm install node-red-contrib-camerapi

Additionally you have to install on the Raspberry Pi

First you have to install a Raspberry Pi Camera physically and don't forget to enable the Camera in raspi-config. If you are using the default path - the /home/pi/Pictures will be used.

Runtime information

This node was now migrated and tested to Nodejs V6.x LTS and NPM 3.x on Node-Red 0.16.



This node is to take a photo in a given format directly from the Raspberry Pi Camera. The image of the photo is stored into the file-system and msg.payload will give you the path and the filename including extension to the photo.

This node runs fine with the NodeJS 6.x LTS and NPM v3.