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    Node-RED Braumeister

    Basic Node-RED nodes for interacting with Speidels Braumeister homebrewing system. When a BRAUMEISTERmobil WiFi module is installed, it is running a web server with a rudimentary API. It provides measurement data like temperature or pump status as well as a list of stored recipes.


    • Braumeister brewing equipment
    • BRAUMEISTERmobil WiFi extension module
    • Node-RED

    braumeister node

    braumeister node

    This node does an HTTP request to the Braumeister's /bm.txt file. The response is a txt file containing a csv-like string:

    "V1.1.27 Sep 12 2018;0004A30B003FA809;0X13:13XCX2930X0X 72.5X0X2234X1X1X5X0X191XA00SXpiX000X0X0X0"

    (See /bm.txt for more details what these values stand for.)

    This node converts this string into an object containing measurement data / status values.

    value description
    firmware_version Braumeister firmware version
    temperature_current current temperature in °C
    temperature_target target temperature in °C
    time_target target time in seconds
    time_elapsed elapsed time in seconds
    pump pump status: "off", "on" or "inactive"
    heating heating status: "off", "on" or "inactive"
    source_string raw source string

    Example Usage


    recipes node

    recipes node

    This node does an HTTP request to the Braumeister's /rz.txt file, parses the recipes and returns them in an array of objects:

          index: 0,
          mesh_in_temperature: 45,
          step_1_temperature: 50,
          step_1_time: 15,
          step_2_temperature: 60,
          step_2_time: 20,
          step_3_temperature: 70,
          step_3_time: 15,
          step_4_temperature: 75,
          step_4_time: 5,
          boiling_time: 30,
          boiling_temperature: 100,
          hop_1_time: 5,
          hop_2_time: 10,
          hop_3_time: 15,
          hop_4_time: 0,
          hop_5_time: 0,
          hop_6_time: 0,
          beer_name: "Doubly Hoeppi"


    Contributions are always welcome! I need help further decrypting the /bm.txt response file.


    npm i node-red-contrib-braumeister

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