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Blynk app integration with Node Red using WebSockets protocol

Websockets version

This works for both local and cloud BLynk servers. For local, wss:// works if you ve got a certificate installed on BLynk server. FOr cloud Blynk server, only non ssl, ws:// works for the time being, as there is no SSL cert installed. You can use ws:// as the server url.

NPM npm version

If you installed Node Red globally use this to install npm install --global node-red-contrib-blynk-websockets

Supports both SSL wss:// and non secured ws:// connection to local server.

Supported events and widgets

  • read event
  • write event
  • write command
  • emails

Blynk App Settings

Use Raspberry PI as hardware to access 64 virtual pins or Generic Board for 32.

How to use



TO ADD Use the verbose -v flag when starting Node-Red to get more information

Available Nodes