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    Better LDAP includes nodes which implement the ldapjs api. Some nodes have been simplified to help ease of use. Time has been taken to make sure that the only dependency is ldapjs. This does make the code a bit more complex but I feel it enables a better cleaner project.

    This is the servicely version for our node-RED integrations.


    Run the following command in the root directory of your Node-RED install

    npm install node-red-contrib-better-ldap-servicely

    Or add via Manage Palette


    Update Node

    Update node is used to update an attribute on an LDAP object by DN

    update_node update node settings

    Operation, DN, Attribute, and Value can be accessed via msg.operation, msg.dn, msg.attribute, msg.payload respectively.

    Node sets msg.ldapStatus with the result of operation.

    Search Node

    search_node search node settings

    Search node is used to run a search query against a LDAP server. You must use a standard LDAP filter query. More information on ldap queries can be found here


    Base DN the base LDAP object to start your search

    Scope Scope can be either base, one, or sub

    • base - Only search the base dn. no further sub directories
    • one - Search only one directory down from the base dn
    • sub - Search all directories and sub directories

    filter LDAP filter criteria

    attributes Attributes to be returned for each object. A comma separated list of attributes to change. Default attributes are defined. They are targeted toward user queries. Provide


    dn, userPrincipalName, sAMAccountName, objectSID, mail, lockoutTime, whenCreated, pwdLastSet, userAccountControl, employeeID, sn, givenName, initials, cn, displayName, comment, description, title, department, company

    If you wanted to search for all objects where firstName starts with te you would use the filter (firstName=te*) where te is the search term and * is a wild card.


    Host, port, username, and password are required to configure a new LDAP client. Noting special is required at for ldap connection. At this time a TLS connection is not available. If I get enough requests and someone willing ot test it I am more than happy to add the feature.

    configuration settings


    See license


    npm i node-red-contrib-better-ldap-servicely

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