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A collection of Node-RED nodes for AWS.

Nodes (All AWS API functions are available)

  • Lamba
  • EC2
  • Kinesis
  • S3
  • SNS
  • DynamoDB
  • SQS (alpha release)
  • IoT
  • IotData
  • RDS
  • KMS
  • AWS config

Payload returned from the AWS SDK is sometimes (particularly S3.Get) encoded in a BUFFER. To parse this to a string pass the output into a function with msg.payload=Buffer.from(msg.payload.Body).toString("utf-8") or similar to decode strings.

Make sure that the AWS IAM User you are using has sufficient permissions for the function you are using. If you dont you will get an error message.

Feature requests are welcome, submit an issue at


Only cursory testing of nodes has occured at this stage, please test and report issues.


The node-red-contrib-aws uses the following open source software:


See license (Apache License Version 2.0).