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    Node-RED node for apidaze-rest-api

    Apidaze is the platform powering the Voip Innovations Programmable Communications product. For more information, please visit

    With this REST API, you will be able to do the following:

    • Place and manage calls, send SMS, and send faxes

    • Manage your voice prompts, retrieve recorded conversations, etc.

    You can find our JavaScript API and examples at

    To test API methods in Postman, click the Run in Postman button. In the Postman App, edit the Apidaze.template in your Environments settings to reflect your api_key and api_secret.


    Run the following command in your Node-RED user directory - typically ~/.node-red

        npm install node-red-contrib-apidaze-rest-api



    • ExternalscriptsGet

      Returns the list of the external scripts for your domain.

    • ExternalscriptsByApiKeyPost

      Creates a new external script. Only one external script is allowed per domain.

    • ExternalscriptsByApiKeyAndScriptIdGet

      Returns the External Script object details by id.

    • ExternalscriptsByApiKeyAndScriptIdPut

      Updates an external script.

    • UnnammedEndpointDelete

      Deletes an external script.

    • UnnammedEndpointGet

      This is an example GET that an inbound call to your application will request to your script/application URL.

    • UnnammedEndpointPost

      This is an example POST that an inbound SMS to your application will request to your script/application URL. Keep in mind that if your application replies to the SMS, it must use the Send a SMS method via the REST API, not an XML response.

    • SmsSendPost

      Sends a SMS.

    • CallsByApiKeyGet

      Gets list of active calls with UUID of each call.

    • CallsByApiKeyPost

      Creates a call (click-to-call use case).

    • CallsByApiKeyAndUuidGet

      Get an active call by UUID.

    • CallsByApiKeyAndUuidPost

      Transfer a call.

    • MediafilesByApiKeyGet

      Get a list of media files.

    • MediafilesByApiKeyPost

      Get a specific media file.

    • MediafilesByApiKeyDelete

      Delete a media file.

    • RecordingsByApiKeyGet

      Get a list of recordings.

    • RecordingsByApiKeyAndFileNameGet

      Get a specific recording.

    • RecordingsByApiKeyAndFileNameDelete

      Delete a recording.

    • ValidatesByApiKeyGet

      Validate your apikey and secret.


    npm i node-red-contrib-apidaze

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