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This is a collection of Node-RED nodes for interacting with the Alexa API. You can emulate routine behaviour, control and query your devices and much more!

All functionality is from alexa-remote2. The goal is to expose all of alexa-remote2s functionality in node-red nodes.


  1. Drag an Alexa Routine node into your flow.

  2. Create a new Account by pressing the edit button at the right side of the Account field.

  3. Choose a Service Host and Page and Language depending on your location. For example:

    Service Host Page Language
    USA en-US
    UK en-UK
    GER de-DE
    ITA it-IT
    AUS en-US
  4. Set This IP to the ip of your Node-RED server

  5. Enter a File Path to save the authentication result so following authentications will be automatic.

  6. Add the new Account.

  7. Deploy

  8. Follow the url you see in the node status

  9. Log in, wait until you see the node status ready

  10. Write "Hello World!" in the Alexa Routine node text field.

  11. Select a device in the Alexa Routine node devices field.

Now trigger the Alexa Routine Node with any message and your Alexa will say "Hello World!". (Hopefully!)


These are few community guides that can help you install the plugin/module. If you find more let us know.

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