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Authentication module for Node-RED on Bluemix

Using this module on Bluemix, you can access to Node-RED by IBM ID.

Method 1: Deploy Node-RED with this authentication module

There is a setting example(bluemix-settings.js and package.json) on the following GitHub page.

You can deploy secure Node-RED from the GitHub source using the following "Deploy to Bluemix" button.

Deploy to Bluemix

Method 2: Custom configuration

You can configure secure Node-RED manually as follows.

(1) Add adminAuth setting into bluemix-settings.js (Example)

var settings = module.exports = {
    adminAuth: require("node-red-auth-contrib-bluemix"), // Add

(2) Remove current authentication settings from bluemix-settings.js (Example)

if (process.env.NODE_RED_USERNAME && process.env.NODE_RED_PASSWORD) { // Remove
...                                                                   // Remove
}                                                                     // Remove

(3) Add node-red-auth-contrib-bluemix module into package.json (Example)

"dependencies": {
    "node-red-auth-contrib-bluemix": "*", // Add