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node-readability的cheerio版。支持GBK、GB2312等编码的网页抓取和解析。Turn any web page into a clean view. This module is based on arc90's readability project.

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npm install node-readability-cheerio from node-readability:

Usage [, options], callback)


  • html url or html code.
  • options is an optional options object
  • callback is the callback to run - callback(error, $)


var readability = require('node-readability-cheerio');'', function(err, $) {

More about '$':

NB If the file has been marked with charset other than utf-8, it is converted automatically. Charsets such as GBK, GB2312 is also supported via iconv.


node-readability support all the options that fetch support.

Possible option values

  • maxRedirects how many redirects allowed, defaults to 10
  • disableRedirects set to true if redirects are not allowed, defaults to false
  • headers optional header fields, in the form of {'Header-Field':'value'}
  • maxResponseLength maximum allowed length for the file, the remainder is cut off. Defaults to Infinity
  • method defaults to GET
  • payload request body
  • disableGzip set to false, to disable content gzipping, needed for Node v0.5.9 which has buggy zlib
  • cookies an array of cookie definitions in the form of ['name=val']
  • cookieJar for sharing cookies between requests, see below
  • outputEncoding
  • disableDecoding set to true to disable automatic charset decoding to utf-8
  • overrideCharset set input encoding
  • asyncDnsLoookup use high performance asynchronous DNS resolution based on c-ares instead of a thread pool calling getaddrinfo(3)
  • timeout set a timeout in ms
  • agent pass-through http.request agent parameter


This code is under the Apache License 2.0.