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    Super small home automation project, that let my Logitech Harmony One control Amazon Fire TV / Kodi Mediacenter and Philips hue lights. Runs on a Raspberry Pi with a noname RC6 USB IR receiver.

    RC6 labeled IR receiver simple convert IR commands into keystrokes and is often used in connection with remote controls for Windows Media Center / Kodi / XBMC.

    This package uses thouse IR inputs to control various devices in the local network.


    npm install node-rc6

    You also need the Android Debug Bridge (adb) as binary[^1].


    You have to create devices, currently Philips hue lights and Android devices (e.g. Amazon Fire TV) are supported. Every RC6 input (even from a normal keyboard) fires an input event. Use the key to send an associated command to a device.

    var rc6 = require('node-rc6');
    // register devices
    var fireTV = rc6.device('adb-shell', '192.168.x.x', './bin/adb');
    var hue = rc6.device('hue-api', '192.168.x.x');
    // event driven input observation
    rc6.on('input', function(key){  
      // key corresponds the key on the keyboard
      if (key === 'enter') {
        // sends a keyevent to the Fire TV
        fireTV.execute('input keyevent KEYCODE_DPAD_CENTER');
      } else if (key === 'k') {
        // try to start Kodi on Fire TV
        fireTV.execute('am start -n org.xbmc.kodi/.Splash');
      } else if (key.match(/[01]/) !== null) {
        // turn hue lights on/off
        hue.on(key === '1');


    node-rc6 inherits EventEmiter

    method arguments description
    device string type, string ip, ... create a new device (s. Devices)
    observe void start the RC6 input observer


    event arguments description
    start void observation starts
    end void observation ends (ctrl+c)
    input string key keystorke, key corresponds the name of a key on normal keyboard
    info string message, object scope info messages like child_process output, scope has information around the event, e.g. the returned json from the hue API
    error string/Error error, object scope error reporting, scope has information around the event, e.g. the returned json from the hue API
    debug string message, object scope debug messages, scope has information around the event, e.g. the returned json from the hue API


    adb-shell device('adb-shell', ip, path_to_adb);

    Used for Android devices which have network debugging enabled.

    method arguments description
    execute string command executes a adb shell command

    hue device('hue', ip);

    Philips hue lights.

    method arguments description
    on boolean on turn lights on/off
    scene int num My hue scene (1..n)
    bri char operation, int value change brightness by value using '=', '+' or '-' operation
    random boolean sync, mixed duration, int transition bring the hue bulbs (simultaneously or separately, use sync) to random colors, every milliseconds or random ms values (e.g. duration => [1000,3000]), use optionally transition to have always the same time for the transition effect (otherwise the transition is permanent)


    This is the first implementation. The logging is still silly, only two devices with micro API functionality. But it works perfect for me. No further work planed.

    My personal config can be found in `captains-table.js.


    [^1]: For my environment I found adb for my Mac in the HOW-TO:Install Kodi on Fire TV (4.1 Setup ADB on Your Host) and for the Raspberry Pi in the xda-developers community.


    npm i node-rc6

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