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This is the client library that sends data to rats. It's a simple wrapper for making udp, tcp, and http calls to RATS.

To get this working, follow these steps. This document assumes you already have a rats server installed and running.

  1. install node-rats, e.g. npm install node-rats
  2. configure the client and specify the rats server info
  3. um, that's it. Now you can use it, e.g. rats.send('music/rap/jay-z')


npm install node-rats

This client has intentionally no dependencies on other npm modules. So you could also just take the rats.js or file and put it in your project.


Simple call rats.configure(host, httpPort, tcpPort, udpPort)

By default, if you don't call rats.configure, it will use these defaults:

  host: 'localhost'
  http_port: 7287
  tcp_port: 7288
  udp_port: 7289
default_sender: 'udp'


rats = require('rats')

// send an event over udp
// udp is best when having your webservers/appservers send data internally to a rats server

// send an event over http

// send an event over tcp
// note that rats attempts to use a persistent connection to rats

If you configure the default sender (it's UDP out of the box), then you can simply do a send(), e.g.


See [Rats documentation][] for the event path syntax.