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create a ram disk with node.js

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var ramdisk = require('node-ramdisk')

return a ramdisk object


var disk = ramdisk('my_ramdisk')

ramdisk#create(size[, callback(err, mount)])
  • size - {integer} the size of the volume in MB
  • callback - {function}
    • err - {Error} error message
    • mount - {string} the mounted block, in case of error is undefined
ramdisk#delete(volume[, callback(err, res)])
  • mount - {string} the mounted block
  • callback {function}
    • err - {Error} error message
    • res - {string} return 'ok' in case of success, in case of error is undefined

Note: delete will eject the volume and remove the mount folder


var ramdisk = require('node-ramdisk')
var disk = ramdisk('my_ramdisk')
var volumePoint
// create a disk with 100MB of size 
disk.create(100, function (err, mount) {
  if (err) {
  } else {
    volumePoint = mount
// when isn't needed then delete the disk 
disk.delete(volumePoint, function (err) {
  if (err) {
  } else {


DEBUG=node-ramdisk ...

Supported OS

  • darwin (bad performance - is taking around 1 sec. to create the disk in my macbook pro mid 2012)
  • linux (good performance - 20/30 mls to create the disk in a vagrant vm with few resources)


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