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Node Quickly

A port of my quickly command line utility to NodeJS. It was previously written in Python.

Quickly allows you to change directory (cd) without typing the whole path of that directory. Instead, you just type the key which has been mapped to a directory.

Currently only supports bash.


To map a path to a key:

$ q -a node /path/to/my/node/projects

Now, to go to /path/to/my/node/projects:

$ q node

To edit the path:

$ q -e node /path/to/a/different/node/

To remove a key:

$ q -r node

To list all of keys that have been recorded so far:

$ q -l

Auto Completion Feature

This feature is still in development. Currently, I'm using omelette to implement this feature. However, I'm having trouble writing the results from omelette to the bash function.


$ npm install -g node-quickly

After that please follow the instruction printed on your console. I haven't been able to figure out a simple way for that last step.


To run the test, you need to have testem and mocha installed.

$ npm install -g testem

$ npm install -g mocha

And then just run testem from the projet root directory.

$ testem


  • Code Completion
  • Better command options


(c) 2013 Akbar Hidayat. MIT License