Node helpers for dealing with PayPal Access (OAuth) requests, mainly for testing with Mocha

This module contains an interface for creating and making OAuth based requests to PayPal services. When combined with node-gmapi-login, it lets you perform tests of PayPal Access-based APIs with simple usernames, like so:

var oauth = new OAuth({
    host: host,
    appId: "hereapimochatests",
    returnUrl: ""
    email: '',
    host: ""
}, function (error, token) {
    oauth.accessTokenFromSlimToken(token.token, "openid email", function (oError, oTokenInfo) {
        if (oError) {
        } else {
            console.log("Access Token :", oTokenInfo);
            // You can now call APIs using the oauth.request/get/delete functions

Note that the module will also try to CREATE the appId for you if it believes it doesn't yet exist on the server. Handy right?