Essential nodejs middleware. Inspired by:


An essential nodejs middleware inspired by Bryan O'Sullivan's (in)famous tweet:

Lance Armstrong takes drugs and wins the hardest bike race in the world 7 times. Programmers take drugs and what do we get? Node.js.


Nothing. This middleware will just add a "X-Powered-By" header to all your outgoing HTTP responses saying:

"node.js: Programmers on drugs"

This header is (usually) not seen by your visitors and serves no (known) purpose other than "advertising" your stack. PHP adds it, seems like ASP did too.

Contrary to these two, the node version isn't displayed. The idea is just to have some fun and spread the node.js love, not make our apps a target to script-kiddies once a vuln is out.

How do I even..?

Just add it to your app as you would for any other middleware:

var express = require('express');
var app = express();