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Client library for version 1 of the Planvine API


This is a wrapper for version 1 of the Planvine (http;// API).

Getting started

Firstly you'll need to get yourself an API key from here:


var Planvine = require('node-planvine')
var planvine = new Planvine(API_KEY)
planvine.getEvents(options, function(error, events) {
  if (error) return console.log(error)
planvine.getEvent(id, function(error, event) {
  if (error) return console.log(error)
  end_date: "2012-03-11T00:00:00",
  title: "Free South African Wine Tasting",
  url: "",
  photo: {
    url: ""
  venue: {
    lat: 51.51814,
    lng: -0.150895,
    uid: "acf8d1ec-6775-4498-be23-d57eedd686c3",
    short_address: "Caffe Caldesi",
    address: "118 Marylebone Lane, London, United Kingdom"
  start_date: "2012-03-10T12:30:00",
  short_date_string: "Until Sun 11 Mar",
  long_date_string: "12:30, Sat 10 Mar",
  id: 100

Note: For a set of events results are contained within an array.