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PostgreSQL using WebSocket

NodeJS + PostgreSQL +

Commonly using polling connection between apps to database server, this method using PostgreSQL with PL/Python pushing new or modified data to the app otherwise through web socket via node.js.

This one is from tutorial at my blog. More info here.

$> git clone git://
$> cd node-pgsql-socket
$> npm install
$> sudo apt-get install postgresql-plpython-9.4
$> sudo pip install -U socketIO-client
$> createdb -U username mydb
$> psql -c 'CREATE LANGUAGE plpythonu' -U <username> -d mydb
$> psql -U <username> -d mydb -f SendSocket.sql
$> node server.js

Open http://localhost:3000 and try to insert data to PostgreSQL directly.

INSERT INTO nama_tabel ("label", the_geom) VALUES ('test', ST_SetSRID(ST_Point(107.623590, -6.894190), 4326) );
UPDATE nama_tabel SET the_geom = ST_SetSRID(ST_Point(107.617247, -6.891333), 4326) WHERE "label" = 'test';

Whatever you want!