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    Node.js Wrapper for Office 365 APIs Client Library

    This library provides a light-weight implementation of the Outlook Mail, Calendar, and Contacts APIs.

    For a sample app that uses this library, see Getting Started with the Outlook Mail API and Node.js.

    The original version of this library was a simple wrapper intended to enable use of the Microsoft Office 365 APIs Client Libraries for Cordova Applications from a Node.js app. This version still includes the old interfaces, but no further development is being made on that part of this library. It is recommended that applications use the new interfaces moving forward.

    Required software




    Installing should be done via NPM:

    npm install node-outlook


    Once installed, add the following to your source file:

    var outlook = require("node-outlook");

    New interface

    The new interface is documented in a simple reference (courtesy of jsdoc-to-markdown).


    Configuration of the library is done via the base namespace:

    • outlook.base.setApiEndpoint - Use this to override the API endpoint. The default value uses the Outlook v1.0 endpoint:
    • outlook.base.setAnchorMailbox - Set this to the user's SMTP address to enable the API endpoint to efficiently route API requests.
    • outlook.base.setPreferredTimeZone - Use this to specify a time zone for the server to use to return date/time values in the Calendar API.

    Making API calls

    The library has a namespace for each API.

    • outlook.mail - The Mail API
    • outlook.calendar - The Calendar API
    • outlook.contacts - The Contacts API

    Each namespace has minimal functions (more to come). Usage is similar between the namespaces. For example, this is how you call the getMessages function in the outlook.mail namespace:

    // Specify an OData query parameters to include in the request
    var queryParams = {
      '$select': 'Subject,ReceivedDateTime,From',
      '$orderby': 'ReceivedDateTime desc',
      '$top': 10
    // Set the API endpoint to use the v2.0 endpoint
    // Set the anchor mailbox to the user's SMTP address
    outlook.mail.getMessages({token: token, odataParams: queryParams},
      function(error, result){
        if (error) {
          console.log('getMessages returned an error: ' + error);
        else if (result) {
          console.log('getMessages returned ' + result.value.length + ' messages.');
          result.value.forEach(function(message) {
            console.log('  Subject: ' + message.Subject);
            var from = message.From ? message.From.EmailAddress.Name : "NONE";
            console.log('  From: ' + from);
            console.log('  Received: ' + message.ReceivedDateTime.toString());

    Making raw API calls

    If the library does not implement a function that does what you need, you can use the outlook.base.makeApiCall method to call any API call implemented on the server. See the implementations of any methods in the outlook.mail, outlook.calendar, or outlook.contacts namespaces for an example of how to use this method.

    Old interface

    As a reminder, the old interface is no longer being developed. It's recommended that you use the new interface.

    You can create an OutlookServices.Client object like so:

    var outlookClient = new outlook.Microsoft.OutlookServices.Client('',
      authHelper.getAccessTokenFn('', session));

    Where authHelper.getAccessTokenFn is a callback method you implement to provide the needed OAuth2 access token.


    Copyright (c) Microsoft. All rights reserved.

    This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information, see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.

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