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This project forked from node-orvibo.

The changed from original package is to replace 'sleep' package with 'sleep-promise'. Because of sleep requires python to be installed on machine.

To use original project in NPM : npm i node-orvibo


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This package lets you control various Orvibo products from node.js. It's a rewritten separation from my ninja-allone library, but with added RF support.

This library has been tested with an AllOne and two sockets. RF support should work, but is untested because I don't own any RF switches. There is no Kepler support (other than knowing when one is on the network) for the same reason.


  • Learn and play back IR codes using the AllOne IR blaster
  • Use the AllOne to emit RF to control RF light switches
  • Turn WiFi sockets on and off
  • Set up Orvibo devices without needing a smartphone

Supported products

This library supports the S10 and S20 sockets, which is sold under a variety of names, including:

It also supports the AllOne, which is an IR / RF blaster. RF switch support is included, please see for information

If you're looking for a way to control B25 sockets (e.g. the newer sockets), then check out which is an open source node.js server that can control B25 sockets. You'll need to redirect DNS traffic for this to work, so see the readme for more information.

If you'd like more information on the Kepler, check out the wiki page

Helping out

This project has come to a standstill, as I'm working on other projects at the moment. If someone would like to assist in the reverse engineering of the Kepler, and possibly the ZigBee unit, please contact me via the email address on my GH profile.

I'm looking for hardware donations. I have the Kepler, AllOne, S20 and RF switches already. If you have other Orvibo hardware you'd like to donate (such as the ZigBee unit or the ZigBee IR sensor), please contact me using the address on my GitHub profile. Likewise, if you'd like to donate money to cover hardware and programming costs, I accept PayPal and Bitcoin. Just head to for PayPal, or send me some delicious digital currency with Bitcoin: 34agreMVU8QeHu4cLLPkyw5EYdSKp6NqTV

I'd also love pull requests and forks. As I no longer use my Orvibo products with node.js, my time spent maintaining this package will be low, so by all means raise issues, pull, fork and do whatever you can to help out :)


Install using npm install --save node-orvibo

See examples/basic/index.js for a near-complete sample. Check for protocol, but also check out this Pastebin for a more complete documentation:

What's New?

  • 29/03/2016

    • README and PROTOCOL updated with information about the RF switches and basic info about Kepler's message format
    • Basic RF example added to the examples/ folder
  • 31/12/2015

    • Callbacks now implemented code-wide, though events are the best way to be notified
    • Device names that are 16 bytes of "FF" are no longer considered valid names
    • Basic timer support added. Querying a device now returns all the timers for a device, as a moment.js object for manipulation. You can also set timers, but only sockets have been implemented so far
    • Countdown timer (read only) also implemented. When queried, a countdown timer is set using setTimeout() and an event emitted.
  • 27/12/2015

    • You can now set up a device without the WiWo app.
    • updated. Still needs work, but is growing every Day
    • New examples added, and "basic" example updated to emit IR AND RF
    • Various bugfixes, plus new events added


  • Add timer support for the AllOne
  • Be able to set countdown timers instead of just reading them.
  • Add Kepler support
  • Go through and clean up / standardize events being emitted
  • Test RF stuff
  • Finish off protocol documentation
  • Include emulator. Use the emulator from ninja-allone if you're desperate.
  • Implement these functions:
    • Rename device
    • Set timezone
    • Set time ("time since manufacture" field is the key)
  • Look in to remote login / TCP connections

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