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OpenJTalk, Japanese text-to-speech engine binding for NodeJS.


MacOSX users do not need to install libiconv because OSX already includes it.


$ npm install node-openjtalk


var fs = require('fs');
var Speaker = require('speaker');
var OpenJTalk = require('node-openjtalk').OpenJTalk;
// pre-included HTS voice file 
var fn_voice = OpenJTalk.voices.mei_normal;
// instantiate OpenJTalk with an HTS voice 
var open_jtalk = new OpenJTalk({voice: fn_voice});
// synthesize a voice buffer from a text 
open_jtalk.synthesize("すもももももももものうち", function(error, buffer) {
  if (!error) {
    // save as audio file 
    var fd = fs.openSync(__dirname + '/test.wav', 'w');
    fs.write(fd, buffer, 0, buffer.length, null, function(err, written, buffer) {
// synthesize a voice synchronously 
var buffer = open_jtalk.synthesizeSync("すもももももももものうち");
// flush to node-speaker 
var speaker = new Speaker({
  channels: 1,
  bitDepth: 16,
  sampleRate: 48000


new OpenJTalk(option)

Instantiates OpenJTalk object.

You must specify HTS voice file path with an option argument.

var OpenJTalk = require('node-openjtalk').OpenJTalk;
var open_jtalk = new OpenJTalk({voice: "/path/to/HTS voice file"});

You can use pre-included voice files.

var OpenJTalk = require('node-openjtalk').OpenJTalk;
var open_jtalk = new OpenJTalk({voice: OpenJTalk.voices.m001});

The pre-included voice files are:

  • m001
  • mei_angry
  • mei_bashful
  • mei_happy
  • mei_normal
  • mei_sad

OpenJTalk#synthesize(text, [optionHook], callback)

Synthesizes voice audio asynchronously from a text. The callback takes two arguments, error and buffer object.

open_jtalk.synthesize("音声合成するテキスト", function(error, buffer) {
  if (!error) {
    // do something with buffer 

The "optionHook" function lets you modify synthesis parameters. For example, following code makes speech speed double.

open_jtalk.synthesize(text, function(option) {
  return {
    speed: option.speed * 2
}, function(error, buffer) {

The available parameters are:

  • samplingFrequency
  • fPeriod
  • alpha
  • beta
  • speed
  • addHalfTone
  • msdThreshold
  • gvWeightForSpectrum
  • gvWeightForLogF0
  • volume
  • audioBuffSize

OpenJTalk#synthesizeSync(text, [optionHook])

Synthesizes voice audio synchronously from a text. This function returns buffer object.

Supported platforms

node-openjtalk currently supports following platforms.

  • MacOSX/x64
  • linux/ia32
  • linux/x64


node-openjtalk is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more details.

node-openjtalk builds on OpenJTalk and hts_engine API, and is shiped with HTS Voice "NIT ATR503 M001" and "Mei". Thanks for their works.

Both OpenJTalk and hts_engine API are issued under the Modified BSD license.

HTS Voice "NIT ATR503 M001" and "Mei" are both issued under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.