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A node library that wraps the Oracle Data Provider for.NET (ODP.NET) library to provide bindings to oracle on windows.


Install ODAC, making sure the policy dlls are shared (placed in the GAC). See installation instructions here

Install Microsoft visual C++ 2010 redistributable package (x86 or x64 or both).



Update: Install Node v0.10.x


npm install node-odp

How to use (Sample code) Edit to fit your scenario

var odpnode = require('node-odp');
var con = new odpnode.OracleConnection("Data Source=mhladmin;User Id=/;");

var parameterDirection = odpnode.OracleData.parameterDirection;
var datatypes = odpnode.OracleData.dbType;
var cmdType = odpnode.OracleCommand.commandType;;
var parameters = [
	    name: "vResult",
	    type: datatypes.VARCHAR2,
	    size: 4000,
	    value: '',
	    direction: parameterDirection.OUTPUT
	    name: "pFOLDERID",
	    type: datatypes.INT32,
	    value: "1845",
	    direction: parameterDirection.INPUT

//Simple select statement
var cmdSelStatement = new odpnode.OracleCommand("SELECT m.FOLDERID,m.ZONE.ZONECODE FROM MID.MIFOLDER2 m,MID.MIVERSION s WHERE m.VERSION.VERSIONID = s.VERSIONID AND  m.ZONE.ZONECODE ='chwhrf-bldg'", cmdType.TEXT, con);
cmdSelStatement.executeReader(function(err, rows){

//Oracle function with parameters
var cmdProc = new odpnode.OracleCommand("BEGIN :vResult := MID.MI_MAXSCRIPT.MITest( :pFOLDERID ); END;", cmdType.TEXT, parameters, con);
cmdProc.executeNonQuery(function(err, rowsAffected, params){

API Definition



The constructor takes the connectionString as parameter and returns a new connection object. The connection string is any valid Oracle connection string. For oracle connectionstring formats see here


The open method opens the connection


OracleCommand(commandString, commandType, commandParameters, connectionObject);

The constructor takes in parameters and returns a new command object


This can either be a select statement or an oracle function call as shown in the sample code above. This is a required parameter.


This an object of the OracleCommand.commandType enumeration object. This is a required parameter.


This an array of parameter objects as shown above. Each parameter object is defined as

	name: parameterName,
	type: dataTypeObject,
	size: size(optional),
	value: parameterContent,
	direction: parameterDirectionObject

This parameter is optional.


This is a connection object created by OracleConnection. This is a required parameter.


executeReader(function(err, rows){


This function takes a callback and passes the err and rows objects to that callback.

The err object holds the error if there is any and undefined if there is none.

The rows holds the JSON object of the rows returned. These rows are identified by their row numbers and column names as shown in the sample code above.


executeNonQuery(function(err, rowsAffected, parameters){


This function takes a callback and passes the err, rowsAffected and parameters objects to the callback.

The err object holds the error if there is any and undefined if there is none.

The rowsAffected returns the number of rows Affected by current execution, but returns -1 if there is none.

The parameters object returns all the parameters attached to the command, allowing for access to any out or in/out parameter data.


executeScalar(function(err, rowsAffected, parameters){


Sames as for executeNonQuery


Oracle Command Constants for defining data text type


returns constants defining the type of the command.


A data object storing key/value pairs of constants representing various oracle types


Various constants for specifying parameter direction



Various constants for specifying data types


Release History

v 0.1.0 - just .node file .

v 0.1.1 - added all the source files, updated binding.gyp.

v 0.1.2 - corrections.

v 0.1.3 - bug fixes.

v 0.1.4 - bug fixes.

v 0.1.9 - added dependency dlls to package msvcp100d.dll, msvcr100d.dll.

v 0.1.10 - compiled to 32 bit node.

v 0.1.11 - complied to x64.

v 0.1.14 - fixed exception handling in

v 0.1.15 - changed dependency path in and PLATFORM to win32 binding.gyp

v 0.1.18 - updated readme

v 0.1.19 - deps on node-gyp, bindings not needed. updated readme, remove dlls not needed, added 32 bit support

v 0.2.0 - updated to support node v 0.10.0, might not be backward compatible

v 0.2.1 - changed Runtime Library for Release Mode to 'MultiThreadedDLL'. This was causing it not to run on release machines. Now fixed! Unit tests added.

v 0.2.2 - fixes

v 0.2.3 - corrections ## Licence

Copyright (c) 2013 Hubert Boma Manilla
Licensed under the MIT license.