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for an explanation of usage see: the blog post

NOW RUN YOUR ENTIRE Angular App $digest-loop via node-ng !!!!

Node-Ng is now a full featured angular test environment. use any test runner you want!!! No more being forced to use karma and jasmine. examples use tape test runner, but any can be used.

run / test : - controllers via $controller service
- services/factorys via ng_injector convience function
- directives via $compile service
- emulate $scope.$digest by simply getting $rootScope and calling its $digest function

convience functions included:
* ng_load(name) - replacement for angular.inject(name,[appName])
* ng_bootstrap(app) - boostraps angular app for use
* ng_injector(app) - returns injector function for use in testing, ie:

var injector = ng_injector('app');
// load needed depedencys easily here
    tape = require('tape');