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Easily generate a JSON array of markdown files and their inline metadata.

NPM Version styled with prettier


npm install --save node-md-meta-cataloger

How to Use

CLI Tool

node-md-meta-cataloger -i <dir> -o <path>

node-md-meta-cataloger -i /path/to/folder -o /another/path/catalog.json

node-md-meta-cataloger --help

Option Short Flag Required Description
--input <dir> -i true input directory path
--output <dir> -o true output path of JSON result
--sort <key> -s false sort by metadata key (ascending)
--reverse -r false reverse result sort
--delete-filename-ext -d false remove ".md" from filenames in result
--config -c false path to .js config file
--version -v false output the version number
--help -h false output usage information

Config File (--config)

  • Using the --config option you can specify a path to a JS config file that should return an object with "camelCased" versions of the existing CLI options (plus extra).
  • If an option exists in both the config file, and as a CLI option, the CLI option will receive priority.
Option Type Required Description
input String true input directory path
output String true output path of JSON result
normalize Function false receives results as param, returned object is new result
sort Function|String false either a function for sort or a metadata key to sort by
reverse Boolean false reverse result sort
deleteFilenameExt Boolean false remove ".md" from filenames in result if true

Node Module

readMarkdown(path : String) : array or object

Path parameter may reference a markdown file or folder containing markdown files.

  1. If passed a path to a folder, it returns an array of objects containing all markdown file content and their associated metadata.
  2. If passed a path to a file, it return an object containing the markdown content and its metadata.
import {readMarkdown} from 'node-md-meta-cataloger';
let result = readMarkdown('path/to/folder');

Example value of result above:

        content: '<p>markdown content</p>',
        filename: '',
        filepath: 'path/to/folder/',
        metadata: {
            title: 'Title',
            author: 'Joshua'


npm i node-md-meta-cataloger

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