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Authentication with Squiz Matrix from Node.js


var matrixAuth = require('node-matrix-auth');
var auth = matrixAuth({
  auth: 'user:pass',
  admin: 'http://mysource.matrix/_admin',
  wsdl: 'http://mysource.matrix/_web_services/soap?wsdl'
auth.on('error', function(err) {
auth.on('success', function(data) {


var matrixAuth = require('node-matrix-auth');

var auth = matrixAuth(opts, cb);

The opts object is used to pass configuration to matrixAuth.

  • opts.auth: The user credentials you wish to authenticate with in the form of 'user:pass'.
  • opts.admin: The Admin URI of a Matrix system.
  • opts.wsdl: The URI of a configured SOAP API.

The optional callback cb(err, data) is called when either the error or success event is fired.


The private method auth._ready returns true if authentication was successful.


matrixAuth returns an instance of EventEmitter, and exposes the following events:

auth.on('success', function(data) {});

The success event returns a JavaScript Object with the following properties:

  • data.auth: The user authentication information
  • data.admin: The result of passing opts.admin into url.parse
  • data.wsdl: The result of passing opts.wsdl into url.parse
  • data.nonce: The nonce token used to sign certain requests to Matrix.
  • data.cookie: The session cookie used to sign requests to Matrix.
  • data.sessionId: The ID assigned to the authenticated session.
  • data.sessionKey: The key assigned to the authenticated session.

auth.on('error', function(err) {});

The error event returns an Error object and is fired if an error occurs during authentication.


  • Squiz Matrix ~4.18.0
  • A user accout with backend or greater privillages
  • A SOAP API with the LoginUser service enabled


npm install node-matrix-auth