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Its such a simple logger, we had to shorten its name


npm install node-logr


when requiring "logr" you can pass the "__filename" magic parameter and it will magically use the file name, you can pass it any other string that does not contain a forward slash

var logr = require('node-logr').getLogger(__filename)

print some useful things"this is a normal thing that happened")
test.js :: 2012-09-03 16:0:18.476 :: INFO :: this is a normal thing that happened
logr.notice("this should not normally happen")
test.js :: 2012-09-03 16:0:51.909 :: NOTICE :: this should not normally happen

print error messages with exceptions

try {
} catch (e){
    logr.error("was expecting this error", e);

test.js :: 2012-9-3 16:23:51.463 :: ERROR :: was expecting this error
ReferenceError: iDontExist is not defined

add debug prints which are enable with a global flag

logr.debug("this is a ghost debug message");
logr.debug("this is a debug message");
test.js :: 2012-09-03 16:23:51.465 :: DEBUG :: this is a debug message