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Interactivate is an attempt to make traditional REPL based development more fun and interactive. As of this project it's an offspring of the Interactivate which attempt to provide more interactive alternative to node's built-in REPL.


npm install -g node-interactivate


Once installed navigate to any project folder and run:


In return you'll see message like one below, if you'll navigate there with your browser you'll enter interactivate shell.

Interactivate is running at http://localhost:9000

You could also check out this video demo to get an idea how to use this tool, although note that unlike in the video this project will give you a node context instead.


If you'd like to play with interactivate without installing it just go to the Interactivate page. Note that JS there is executed in browser context instead of node context, but still it will give you an idea what's it all about.